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Gear-Tech TM-1 Trail Marking System for Hunters & Woodsmen

The TM-1 System is a patent pending, trail marking spray and a hand crafted, precision Radiant Illumination (RI) light source that is adjusted to gain the maximum brightness of the trail marking spray. Each TM-1 kit is tested for the highest quality.

Spray Seen in Daylight Seen with LED Flashlight Seen with Green Light Seen with TM-1 Light


TM-1 Spray

Gear-Tech's patent pending, hand-mixed blend has been custom formulated. Each 12 ounce bottle is individually tested with the calibrated TM-1 Radiant Illumination light source. More than 800 sprays per bottle assures you both security and safety in low light conditions. Your hunting spots, and your path to them, can now be yours and only yours.

Click for Spray Specs …
  • Over 800 sprays per bottle
  • Easy as Shake & Spray
  • Invisible when dry (with a regular flashlight or naked eye)
  • Marked spots last for months
  • Dries in 5 minutes
  • No Odor
  • Not harmful to the environment

TM-1 Radiant Illumination Light

Gear-Tech's exclusive Radiant Illumination (RI) technology combines the intense color accurate output of high pressure TM-1 lamps with a secret, adaptive emittance range. Light intensity is visible all the way out to TEN YARD AHEAD. All electronics are housed inside an O-ring sealed chamber for moisture protection. Pre-focused aircraft aluminum reflector with a tempered glass translucent lens. This is the ONLY light source that can illuminate the TM-1 spray and guide your way to your next trophy.

Click for Light Specs …
  • Bulb Life: 100,000 Hours
  • Body: Aircraft aluminum with rings for water resistance
  • Battery: 3 Standard AAA Alkaline
  • Battery Life: Approximately 5 Hours on 3 x AAA Alkaline
  • Weight: 6oz. / 160g
  • Head Diameter: 1.75" / 45mm
  • Body Diameter: 1.2" / 30.5mm
  • Length: 5.6" / 142mm

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"I never felt safe going into the swamp until now. Your spray is so easy to use. Thanks!"

- Johnny O.

"We hunt on state land. We now keep our stands a secret."

- Ben S.

"I spray my stands and gear with your TM-1 system. When I go in at night, I shine your light up and find my stands immediately. They just pop right out!"

- David L.

"Your product is so simple to use!"

- Joshua F.

"I use my Bright Eyes at the road, to about 10 yards in, and then I use your TM-1 system and nobody knows where I am heading from there."

- Connor M.

"I have a lot more confidence now."

- Richard P.

TM-1 System
Pricing & Options
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TM-1 System
Pricing & Options


For a limited time, all TM-1 Kit orders will include an extra 12 ounce bottle of TM-1 Spray at no additional cost! Help us spread the word!


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What is the cost per spray of your product?
About 4¢ a spray.
Will my sprayed spots show up with my LED Flashlight?
No. There is no flashlight, LED flashlight, green light or lantern that can make the spots visible. Only our TM-1 light source can make the spots visible.
I use a GPS to get to my stands. How is this system better?
Our TM-1 system allows you to customize your path to and from your stands. And, unlike GPS, it is not affected by cloud cover and dense trees for accuracy.
Do you guarantee your product?
Yes! We have a 200% money back guarantee that our product will perform as described.
How long will my sprayed spots last on the trees?
We have found that anywhere between 3 and 6 months, depending on the amount of exposure the spots have to the elements.
UPDATE! We have trees that have been marked for OVER A YEAR now and they still look great!.
Is your spray bad for the environment?
No. The TM-1 systems was designed to be eco-friendly and will not hurt the trees or the environment.
Does your product ONLY work in the dark?
No. Our system will work anytime there is not direct sunlight on a sprayed spot.
How many stand sites can I make a trail to with one of your bottles of spray?
Depending on how far apart that you spray your spots (we recommend 8-10 yards). You can mark a trail to and from at least 8 stands for 200 yards to each stand site.
Can I use the TM-1 Radiant Illumination Light as a regular flashlight?
Yes! Because of the TM-1 light's adaptive emittance range, your eyes will actually have an easier time adjusting in the dark.


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